The famous Opera by Mozart advertised using a condom

The famous Opera by Mozart advertised using a condomEnglish national Opera (ELN) has come under fire after using provocative PR move for his new production of Mozart's Opera "don Giovanni".On touting her posters depicted torn packaging with a condom and a large sign: "don Juan. Soon," writes the newspaper the Evening Standard.Representatives of ANO declare that this marketing campaign "captures the essence of the Opera", at least in the form in which it is comprehended Director Rufus Norris. "We wanted a catchy ad, so came up with this idea, which we believe is a brilliant, funny and witty" - say representatives of the ELN.However, not all the audience is ready to agree with them. Discussing controversial advertising users of the Twitter microblogging called it "vulgar" and "terrible". "This is a relatively funny for a second, but, probably unnecessary and unpleasant for some people," said one user.Staging Norris is not the first time causing a scandal. Earlier the audience was shocked by his interpretation of the famous Opera about the genius of the hero-lover. According to the concept of Norris's don Giovanni appears before the audience in the form of banal rapist. Source: Mozart's Famous Opera advertised using a condom.

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