Petersburg will bid farewell to Eduard Hil

Petersburg will bid farewell to Eduard HilSt. Petersburg on Thursday to bid farewell to iconic Russian singer, people's artist of Russia Eduard Gil, who died June 4 at the 78th year of life, informs RIA "news".In the morning, at 11:00 Moscow time, fans of the famous artist coming to the Theater stage name Raikin in the civil service. In the afternoon, at 15:00, in the Church of the Smolensk icon of the mother of God will be a funeral service. His last refuge Gil will find at the Smolensk cemetery.April 8, Gil was admitted to the Mariinsky hospital with stem stroke. From may 28 he was treated in the Russian neurosurgical Institute named after A. L. Polenov. At the end of may it became known that the actor fell into a coma. Treatment singer took personal control of the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova."From the very beginning of the disease were breached vital centers of the brain, leading to disruption of the functioning of the whole body," said the doctors. The doctors hoped to save the artist can, however, guarantee anything with such a serious illness was difficult. The 77-year-old singer were all atrophied muscles and internal organs, he was on a ventilator, there were deviations from the cardiovascular system, blood coagulation system.According to preliminary reports, the actor died of cardiac arrest - the body is not coping with the consequences of recently suffering a severe stroke. Within three hours, two teams of doctors fought for the life of Eduard Khil.All colleagues and friends of Eduard Khil, giving in the last days of media interviews about his death, noted that it was a modest and surprisingly bright man, who never lost the smile."Edik - radiant, bright person, joyful, totally envious. The man who was on his own way always and never with anybody did not quarrel, do not conflict. Engaged in pure creativity. Not been around PR, advertising and other fashionable now. He didn't have," said the newspaper people's artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko."If only I could be young again - how would I live my life? Some believe that learning from mistakes. And some, including me - I would have lived, " said Gil in a recent interview to the newspaper. - All the sorrow and joy that is life. It does not happen as only one positive. Even how many times a day to change the mood.One life to live. And one death. Life never goes in a straight line. Cannot be, that you go to the fair, and then remains at this fair year, someone two, someone ten. And then the fair's rides. And it is not that time - and came. Is irregular, there are UPS and downs, disappointments".He also noted that not emigrated to France in the 90-ies, as many of the media, and several times we went there for a couple of months to earn the performances: "More than two months, the French visa is not allowed. Go, earn - back".Eduard Hil. Biography:Edward Gil was born 4 September 1934 in Smolensk. His childhood had on the Second world war. When the Soviet Union was attacked by the Germans, Edward along with his mother and stepfather lived in Smolensk. The boy with the other children managed to evacuate for literally an hour and a half before the city was captured.Edward came to the orphanage, where he lived two years. Even then, he participated in Amateur performances, performed in the hospital before dying. Together with his friend Gil twice tried to escape to the front, but both times they were returned back. In late 1943 Gil's mom found and took home to the newly released native Smolensk, from which only ruins remain.In 1949, Eduard Hil came to Leningrad and entered the College of printing. At the same time he studied at the Opera Studio of the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov. Working as a foreman in a factory offset printing, Gil was fond of painting, he studied at night school for music education.In 1960 he graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory, and began performing as a soloist of art. While still a student, Eduard Hil began performing in the Opera Studio of the Conservatory: sang the role of Figaro in "the marriage of Figaro" by Mozart and "the Barber of Seville" by Rossini, leading roles in Eugene Onegin and the Queen of spades. In 1962, the singer first performed with pop repertoire on the stage of the Central house of arts in Moscow, where the young singer was presented by the Soviet music Maestro Leonid Utesov.In the same year Edward Gil was invited to Moscow to participate in the Second all-Russian competition of performers, where he became a laureate. In 1965 Edward Gil took part in the Festival of Soviet songs, became a laureate of the most prestigious at that time the Sopot festival in Poland, where he received second place for the performance of the Polish song "Once, only once". He put one of the winners of the song of Andrei Petrov "I step through Moscow" and captivated the audience with a brilliant performance of "Song of love" by Arkady Ostrovsky in the final concert.Soon without the participation of the Healy was virtually one television "Blue light". In 1970, the singer has recorded her own song - pop song "Winter" (Eduard khanok - S. island). In 1971, he performed the song "S." (E. Barybin - Y. Pogorelsky) and Would love to live in the world" (V. Dmitriev A. Holguin), a little later - "Happy day" (V. Dmitriev M.

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