Lyudmila Alekseeva has proposed to create an atheistic squads

Lyudmila Alekseeva has proposed to create an atheistic squadsThe head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva has proposed to create an atheistic squads, reports "Interfax".With this proposal it made in response to the initiative of the movement "Holy Russia" on the establishment of Orthodox squads, which should protect Christian shrines and priests from aggression.According to Alekseeva, if Orthodox squads will protect Orthodox Christianity, other religions and their Holy places will also need protection, it is possible to create Muslim and Jewish brigade, and with them, and atheistic. "People have a right to be atheists," said she.In addition, according to Alekseeva, the establishment of Orthodox squads contradict the Constitution. "Will these squads to go and demand a fair punishment. Imagine what happens in our multireligious and multinational country? Or we Orthodox Christianity became the state religion without amending the Constitution?" - asked the human rights activist.The proposal of the movement "Holy Russia" to create Orthodox squads became known the day before. According to the leader of this movement Ivan Trakowski, Orthodox vigilantes will cooperate with the police and act within the law. "Any person who commits blasphemous acts against Orthodox shrines, insulting the Orthodox faith, showing aggression to the priests, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures," he said.On threat of safety of Orthodox priests and temples before stated and the ROC. According to Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, after the trial, members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, sentenced to two years of imprisonment for hooliganism in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Russia's attacks on Orthodox churches. In particular, attacked churches in Pskov, Baltiysk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.Orthodox squads are created in Russia for the first time. Winter 2008 these squads created by the Union of Orthodox citizens", were already patrolling the streets of Russian cities. For their creation then, there was Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the defenders were opposed. Source: Lyudmila Alekseeva has proposed to create an atheistic squads.

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