`Alexander Nevsky` color

`Alexander Nevsky` colorThe Russian audience will soon be able to evaluate a color version of the legendary film by Sergei Eisenstein "Alexander Nevsky". In the work on the painting using special computer effects."Brilliant movie, shot great Director, we should be especially careful. Work is underway on the original version of the film 1936 - haven't tampered with," said General Director of "color Formula" Igor Laptenok.According to him, the work on "Alexander Nevsky" was conducted not for critics, but for the viewer. "Our strategy is different from plants, say, and diffusion. The film Fund offers movies, but doesn't want to them someone had touched. Film critics don't want us to even fingerprints cleaned from old films - consider this a sacrilege. But scratches and fingerprints were not included in the creative task of the authors, this is not a sign of the times and artistic heritage, and a marriage that can and should be removed," explained Laptenok.He noted that the films will get a new life, they will see a new generation of viewers that are weaned from the black-and-white movie. So, the other day in Cannes showed restored picture of Sergio Leone's "Once in America"."It was an amazing event! - said Director General impressions. Our goal is the same - to bring back classic movies in line. They, again, continue to exist in its original form, and color - only version. Now my company MGM planned re-release of Wilder's Comedy "In jazz only girls" in black and white 3D".However, recognized Laptenok, there are movies that are unacceptable to translate in color, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". "It's the movies where the black plastic is conceived as an artistic component. So, you cannot colorsbut film-Noir", he concluded. Source: "Alexander Nevsky" color.

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