Penelope Cruz - the happy housewife

Penelope Cruz - the happy housewifeNot believe, but 38-year-old actress believes that to fully devote himself to the family is "the best thing in the world". Penelope Cruz made this conclusion on their own experience, because she stayed home since the birth of his son and up until the baby was 17 months.In recognition of world famous actress, she liked not to go to work and Tinker pots and pans, wanting to pamper their favorite men - son Leonardo and her husband, equally popular actor Javier Bardem.Here's what Penelope told the British edition of the magazine HELLO!: "I am a housewife and it's beautiful, it's the best thing in the world. I can and love to cook, it is important that every day there were fresh food. I don't make any crazy diets, just the good cook Mediterranean dishes you love. At any age it is important to eat well".The Hollywood couple have homes in America and in his native Spain, and despite the presence of servants, Penelope recognizes that as good as with pots she knows how to deal with a MOP and a rag."Not a problem for me to do the cleaning. I learned about this when he starred in the film "the Return" (Volver). My heroine is constantly cleans and restore order in the house, so when I began to prepare for the role, we often went to his mother and sister. And they in one voice declared: "Apparently, our girls strong emotion, why else would she cleaned my house today@.Article source: HELLO!, translation Source: Penelope Cruz - the happy housewife.

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