Son Medvedev decided to study at MGIMO

Son Medvedev decided to study at MGIMOThe son of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will receive higher education at the Moscow state Institute of international relations (MGIMO). His name appears on a list of applicants admitted to this UNIVERSITY.This information was confirmed to journalists by his father. According to RIA Novosti, the Prime Minister said that his son went to three schools. According to Medvedev, Ilya "good" wrote Olympiad, which extends to the Moscow state University and St. Petersburg University, and passed the exams in Moscow state Institute on international law Department. on 6 August it became known that Ilya Medvedev made the decision to study at MGIMO.The entrance exams to the UNIVERSITY, he scored 359 points, in particular, he got 95 points out of a possible 100 on the additional testing, which are the students of the faculty of international law.Earlier media reported that Ilya Medvedev without examination he entered the law faculty of Moscow state University. Lomonosov, since he won the Olympics, the winner of which will be credited to the University without examination. July 30, his name appeared in the list of admitted students. Source: Son Medvedev decided to study at MGIMO.

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