Lady Gaga disgraced in front of their fans

Lady Gaga disgraced in front of their fans One of the most popular and controversial modern artists Lady Gaga were embarrassed in front of his many fans. The singer threw up several times on the stage. They say the artist, which suggest pregnancy, suffering from terrible morning sickness.An unpleasant incident occurred in the capital of Spain, Barcelona, where he arrived Lady Gaga a part of her world tour. The actress, who made a remarkable recovery, according to the scenario slowly walked down the stairs towards the party of dancers, suddenly turned and, bent in half, revealed to the stunned audience all the contents of his stomach.Barely cope with him and when he reached the dancer, Lady Gaga, courageously continuing his speech, made a few steps, turned away from the still unconscious of spectators, and again bent over the floor. She threw up four times as much. Ingenious dancer instantly covered the flamboyant performer's own body and became incendiary move. In the end, the artist at some point had to leave the stage.Soon, however, Lady Gaga appeared again in front of numerous fans and apologized to them for the inconvenience. Later in his microblog singer explained that she's okay and nothing to worry about. Moreover, Lady Gaga posted a video that show how nauseous.Some foreign reporters suggest that the actress is suffering from terrible morning sickness, thus confirming information about his interesting position. Recall, shared the news foreign celebrity, the daughter of singer Ozzy Osbourne Kelly.In a live TV program The Talk, which is on American channel CBS, Kelly Osbourne suggested that her colleague Lady Gaga, most likely, be pregnant. So, according to the girl, it is possible to explain that the singer gained 11 pounds, dyed hair and was careful to move around the stage.Moreover, the popular performer suddenly radically changed the style of clothing. She stopped wearing the once-her favorite skin-tight suits and dresses. And after a recent concert in Romania she was sick. Summarizing these facts, Kelly Osbourne said he did not doubt the pregnancy of the singer. Lady Gaga keeps a deathly silence regarding this information.Source: Lady Gaga disgraced in front of their fans.

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