Named the most sexual of domestic actress

Named the most sexual of domestic actress One of the authoritative Russian editions made a rating of the sexiest Actresses of the Russian Federation. In the vote was attended exclusively by men, and that's what happened in the end.First place went to actress Natalya Employment, which became known to a wide audience for her role in the TV series "Tatyana's day". The girl became the absolute leader, gaining the highest number of votes.Second place for the wife of Alexei Chadova, Agnia Ditkovskite. Even despite the fact that the girl's heart already belongs to someone else, Russian men appreciate beauty and sexuality Agnes, so it was on the second place of the rating.And closes the top three Elena Korikova. The actress has already more than forty years old, but it seems that her beauty is also known for the film "Mistress into maid" and the TV series "Poor Nastya" every year it only gets brighter.In addition, the rankings were Katerina Klimova, Marina Aleksandrova, Liza Boyarskaya, Anna Kovalchuk and others. Source: Named the most sexual of domestic actress.

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