In St. Petersburg, Madonna forced hall to support sexual minorities

In St. Petersburg, Madonna forced hall to support sexual minoritiesAmerican singer Madonna, who arrived in St. Petersburg with a world tour in support of their new album M. D. N. A., during his concert asked residents and other Russians to treat people with a different sexual orientation more friendly, RIA "Novosti"."Before the concert you have been given pink bracelets that represent your tolerant attitude towards people with different sexual orientations. They are the same people and everything," she said.The song Like a virgin took off his shirt, and found that this time she has written on the back No fear (no fear). She then asked hall "Russia is afraid?" and added, "Oh*enny", according to "Fontanka.".In addition, Madonna stopped his performance in the CCM after the 8th song Sagara Jo and made a speech:"We all deserve love. To live without fear and in love. Every religion teaches to love thy neighbor. So no fear. We want to fight for the freedom to be who we are. Now very harsh times. I feel it travelling around the world. More intolerant people. But we can win, we're better than that. Win love, tolerance, respect and dignity. Martin Luther king fought for African Americans and the equality of all people. And Martin Luther king died for their idea"."Are you with me? Raise your hand with a pink bracelet! Are you with me? Yes!" - called on the singer, and in response, hands up all the spectators in the fan area.After performing the song "Masterpiece" she raised her hand with a pink bracelet, reports "Interfax".Bracelets were given out along with the tickets. And the message about the campaign appeared on the screens of the CCM before the concert.In confirmation of the words of the singer in the concert program can be seen as muscular men in dresses, and embracing women. Itself pop diva pulled the blouse with one of the artists of the corps de ballet, reports "Rosbalt".Meanwhile, still unknown, was present at the concert "verify" compliance with the Madonna of the St. Petersburg law on the promotion of homosexuality, and what was their reaction to what is happening. However, an ardent Orthodox with horugvyami on scandalous show star was not as any "battle with the gays".We will remind, in the spring of the global pop star named Petersburg law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors "delusional atrocity" and promised to support the gay community during his show in the Northern capital in August. In turn, the Deputy of the legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov has threatened Madonna with administrative responsibility for the planned action.Meanwhile, at the concert she didn't say anything about the so-called "homophobic" St. Petersburg law.Recall that the St. Petersburg law banning propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors came into force on 30 March. Now any citizen who violates this law may be fined in St. Petersburg for an administrative offence.According to the text of the law, public actions aimed at propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, transgenderism among minors is punishable by an administrative fine for citizens in amount of 5 thousand rubles, for officials - 50 thousand rubles, for legal entities - from 250 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.A bill banning the promotion of homosexuality in St. Petersburg, has caused a wide public resonance in Russia and abroad is still under consideration. In particular, the U.S. state Department expressed concern about its possible adoption. In Russia and abroad held rallies against the adoption of this law.Also, gay activists appealed to the leadership of the USA, EU and Canada to ban the entry into the territory of these countries is one of the initiators of the law, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov, as well as the city's Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, signed the law.The author of "homophobic" law called Madonna a stripper and was threatened with prosecutionThe local MP, the initiator of the notorious law against sexual minorities Vitaly Milonov, has threatened the organizers of the show's challenge to the Prosecutor's office, reports "Echo of Moscow".Milonov very unhappy that Madonna, despite protests, still made in the city on the Neva. He was particularly outraged that at a concert of the pop star were minors and heard how she called for the support of sexual minorities. "In the hall children 12 years of age. Fairground stripper out of your mind. Although, mind and didn't happen," tweeted the MP and the author of the law against propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors. And added that the organizers are waiting for the Prosecutor's office.Before the concert the Deputy Milonov promised to send to show their agents to conduct photo and video shooting. According to the author of the controversial law will do it, and then to punish the organizers and the singer for propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.Part of the LGBT community believes that Madonna hypocriteBefore the concert of the Madonna, who previously announced his intention to support sexual minorities at its St. Petersburg concert, activists of the LGBT organization "Equality" came to the pickets on the square at SKK "Petersburg", urging Madonna to boycott Russia, reports the BBC Russian service."We need a very clear separation between show business and earn money from human rights issues. I am against using Madonna human rights slogans to increase the popularity of their show. The statement she wants to make in support of LGBT people in St. Petersburg in connection with the adoption of the notorious law banning so-called propaganda - it's just a few words that will be spoken between the songs, " said the head of the organization, organizer of the gay pride in St. Petersburg Yury Gavrikov."We appeal to one small action - a boycott of the Russian Federation. Boycotts concerts by such major stars as Madonna, is much more politically important. It's like a boycott of the Olympics in any country, as do politicians. We call for action, not words," added the activist."I'm sure it will be very nice, very cute and cited, but on the other hand, if Madonna has cancelled a concert, it would bring more benefits to people who are suffering from abuse in Russia," - said, in turn, another activist of "Equality" Maria efremenkov.Meanwhile, not all LGBT organizations in St. Petersburg share this stance. Among those who support a performance by the singer - organization "coming out". Its activists were seen on the approaches to the CCM with the rainbow logo and posters.

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