Stars who don't like her body

Stars who don't like her body Celebrities often with exaggerated jamanota dropping phrases like "Yeah am I sexual? Never thought about it!", and the next day head the list of the "Hottest stuff" of Hollywood.Jessica Alba: "I Have saggy Breasts, large hips and cellulite". Where did this self-assessment to appear in the movie and pose for Playboy magazine? Maybe I should think about becoming a teacher, which is the dress code requires to cover all the problem areas? But, a surprising number - Jessica has got maximum number of votes in the poll of "99 most desirable women in the world", conducted by a male portal was "the sexiest woman in the world' by FHM magazine, and also entered into similar ratings of the most prestigious men's magazines. In addition, in 2006 Alba appeared on the cover of "Playboy".Scarlett Johansson: "I don't think I'm sexy. I tend to notice the shortcomings of their appearance". I wonder why the girl, noticing the shortcomings of their appearance to shoot yourself Nude on mobile? May in order to consider these notorious shortcomings...Megan Fox: "I don't think I'm sexy or beautiful woman. I look like Ted Nugent (the guitarist of the band "Damn Yankees") in a black wig." Well, Megan could at least try to pretend that she was joking.... The star of "Transformers" for several consecutive years in the top rankings of the most desired women on the planet.Ryan Gosling: "I'm not very beautiful. I think that I have quite a faddish appearance. Each role that I got after "the notebook" was either a freak, or crazy, or a nerd...". Perhaps for these roles People magazine is naming Gosling in the TOP 10 sexiest men of the planet in 2011.Penelope Cruz: "I don't consider myself beautiful. I may look good but can look just ugly." Penelope would cost to trust the taste of cult film Director Pedro Almodovar, who called the actress his Muse.Salma Hayek: "actually I have not much good figure. The trick is that I know how to dress to hide your flaws". Yes, especially when the actress was dancing in a bikini with a huge Python in the movie "From dusk till dawn".Anne Hathaway, which felt sexy enough to play Catwoman in the movie "the Black knight: the legend", itself does not consider it to: "I think I have a rather strange facial features is too large features on a small head. Source: Stars who don't like her body.

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