Experts will present the second `Mona Lisa` by Leonardo da Vinci

Experts will present the second `Mona Lisa` by Leonardo da VinciThe expert group acknowledges that she was able to prove the existence of the second version of the celebrated painting "Mona Lisa" of Leonardo da Vinci, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the newspaper The Daily Mail."The Foundation of the Mona Lisa" is going to publish its evidence the authenticity of the painting on September 27. According to the British newspaper, one of the members of the group, announcing the epoch-making discovery, is a famous Russian chess player and former world champion Anatoly Karpov. It was he who, according to the newspaper, will present a picture to the public in Geneva. The group also includes Alessandro vetstsozi, Director of the Leonardo Museum, located in the homeland of the great artist in the Italian town of Vinci, as well as historian Carlo Pedretti of the Center for the study of the art of Leonardo da Vinci behalf of Armand hammer at the University of California in Los Angeles."The Foundation of the Mona Lisa" intends to provide "a historical, comparative and scientific evidence" that the painting, known as "Italyanskaya Mona Lisa" was painted by Leonardo. According to the version adopted by the supporters of the authenticity of the paintings, it represents the first version of the painting, painted by Leonardo da Vinci.According to the famous art historian of the Renaissance, Giorgio Vasari, Leonardo began painting a portrait of an enigmatically smiling young woman in 1503 and left the painting unfinished. In 1519, according to Vasari, Leonardo finished the painting.According to proponents of the existence of two copies of copyright works, "Italyanskaya Mona Lisa" is a first version of the painting, written in 1503, and the masterpiece of the great master, in the collection of the Louvre in Paris, is the second option, created in 1519.Supporters of the authenticity of the "second Mona Lisa" also refer to the authority of another great artist, a contemporary of Leonardo, Raphael. In 1504 he created a drawing-a copy of the "Mona Lisa", which depicts two columns. They are not in the picture in the Louvre, but they are present on "Iselworth Mona Lisa". The woman depicted in "alternative" version of the masterpiece, younger looking and smiling more fun than the mysterious stranger from the Louvre.After the death of Leonardo "Mona Lisa", also known as La Gioconda, was in the collection of the French kings, and after the French revolution was transferred to the Museum of the Louvre. Maybe she was sold to king Francis I disciple and heir of Leonardo named Salai, in the list of property which was listed painting called "Mona Lisa". However, it is unknown, you spoke about the original or the copy, written by Salai."Italyanskaya Mona Lisa known among art historians for almost 100 years. In 1914, the painting was purchased by the English artist and critic Hugh Bleecker, who lived in London Iselworth, on behalf of which it got its name. Prior to that, she is 100 years was kept in the estate of an English nobleman in the County of Somerset. In 1964, the painting was acquired by the American collector Henry Pulitzer. It was he who first put forward the version according to which this picture was painted by Leonardo. After the death of Pulitzer canvas got his girlfriend. After the death of the owner "Italyanskaya Mona Lisa" was acquired by a consortium comprising several collectors. In the last 40 years it was kept in the safety Deposit box in a Swiss Bank.Art historians, an opinion which leads the newspaper, wary of the versions about the existence of the second author's version of "Mona Lisa". "I'm very skeptical," said the well-known British critic Philip Mauld. "If this is true, then it will be a Grand opening. We must remember that almost every year the market has a new alleged "Mona Lisa". We should very carefully examine the origin and history of the picture." At the same time, the critic notes that Leonardo sometimes created two paintings on one story, for example, there are two versions of his "Madonna of the rocks'.Professor at Oxford University, Martin Kemp notes that "Italyanskaya Mona Lisa" painted on canvas, whereas most of the Leonardo's paintings, including "Mona Lisa" from the Louvre, written on the boards. "I think it is a copy, written a few years after the "Mona Lisa", he said. - Yes, she looks younger, but just because the author of the copy painted it". Source: Experts will present the second "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.

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