Madonna flew to Turkey with her young lover

Madonna flew to Turkey with her young lover Queen of pop Madonna yesterday, June 6 arrived in Turkey. The American singer was accompanied by her young lover named Brahim. The paparazzi managed to take some pictures of the famous actress and her boyfriend while leaving the plane in the Turkish airport.In Istanbul, the singer arrived to give a concert as part of his world tour "MDNA". Recall that the first concert in the framework of a Grand tour, "MDNA" was held last week in Israel. According to Madonna, to begin a tour with the Israel she decided not by accident and from the stage asked the fans to be kinder and more loyal to each other:"As you know, the Middle East, there are many conflicts that are not resolved for many years," said the singer - They have to stop... You can't be my fan if you don't want world peace! We're all human. In us flows the blood of the same color. We all want to love and be loved. If we can forget about our ego, about the titles and the names of our countries, about the name of religion and just start to treat the people around us with respect and dignity, then we'll find a way". Source: Madonna flew to Turkey with her young lover.

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