The driver, podwozie Marina Golub, was her friend

The driver, podwozie Marina Golub, was her friend Director Kirill Serebrennikov, who knew who died in a car accident Marina Golub, announced today on his page in Facebook that the driver, who drove the actress, was her friend."The driver who drove Marina - Dmitry, was not bambili, caught on the street by the owner, etc., whatever it is called mass media. She trusted this man, asked him to come to her. Don't need to write about him despicable nasties, not his fault in the incident. In his family, too, was a tragedy. Sorry I didn't say that dozens of media today who insisted on an interview, tried to break into the house (...). I hope someone will hear me - even for them it will be the only comment," wrote the Director.October 10 after midnight at the intersection of Prospekt Vernadskogo street Lobachevsky car Cadillac ran a red light and rammed Hyundai, which was blue. After that the car was hit by another Kia and Lada. The actress and the driver who is picking her up died on the spot.Earlier it was reported that Marina Golub, returning after the performance from the Theatre of Nations, caught a private trader on the road. It is established that in March 2012 the driver of the Hyundai was deprived of the driving license for driving while intoxicated, however, in this accident is not his fault.Presumably, driving the Cadillac was Alexey Rusakov, which had been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violations of traffic regulations. He fled the scene of the accident and announced in the Federal wanted list.Marina Golub will be buried on 13 October at the cemetery Troekurov. Civil funeral will take place on the main stage of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. To say goodbye to the actress will be at 11:00 Moscow time.Source: Driver, podwozie Marina Golub, was her friend.

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