Inna Churikova robbed in an expensive hotel

Inna Churikova robbed in an expensive hotelFamous Soviet actress Inna Churikova robbed in Cyprus, where she is on holiday with her husband Gleb Panfilov.Unknown broke into the room of at the time when the couple were out for a walk, and learned from him a Deposit box with a cross inside the documents, money and other valuables, according to herself has already confirmed the fact of the robbery. "Yes, it's true. Nothing was hacked, and just a safe all took and took. And there was an empty place", - quotes the edition. Star of Soviet cinema said that among the stolen passports were. However, she added that not upset about the incident: "we Have very little time for holidays. The weather here is wonderful, we rest perfectly! Early comeback. We are in Cyprus for a second week and will come to Moscow as planned".After it became known about the crime, the hotel staff immediately informed the police, which is currently engaged in searching for intruders. "Now the hotel is interrogated all the staff, everyone who has access to numbers of tourists. The police reported the incident with foreigners in the Russian Consulate, diplomats are now engaged in the documents of the star couple," said an Agency source familiar with the investigation.Meanwhile the hotel management was quick to say that the version on the likely penetration into the territory of foreign institutions is untenable. "The protection we have very good, people here could not get through. But we do not exclude that it could be staff, now we are working on it," said the hotel. Source: Inna Churikova robbed in an expensive hotel.

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