The condition remains heavy Armor

The condition remains heavy ArmorThe state of health of people's artist of the USSR Leonid Armor, who has undergone heart surgery after a massive heart attack and is in the Kyiv city centre of heart "remains heavy with the emerging trend towards improvement", reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the administration center.According to its Director, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Boris Todorov, Armour is provided with all necessary medicines and equipment.Ukrainian doctors say that Armor will remain in the Center of the heart before the completion of the rehabilitation course.We will remind, in Kiev came actor's wife Victoria, she was allocated a bed in the clinic. The doctors believe that her presence will have a positive impact on rehabilitation.Previously, Todorov reported that "all possible operations in this situation now conducted and the patient needs time to recover". He also noted that "if the next two days will be calm, you can think about how to exuberate patient and to fully spontaneous breathing". While the actor is on a ventilator.As reported, on Tuesday, the day after the end of the tour of the theatre "Lenkom" in Kiev, Armour became ill, and in the morning he was taken to Kyiv city centre of heart with myocardial infarction. The actor underwent a difficult operation - put three stents.People's artist of the USSR Armor came to Kiev as part of a group of actors of theatre "Lenkom" in the context of the tour, which took place in the Ukrainian capital from 8 to 17 September. The actor was involved in the play "the Cherry orchard", the tour programme was a three play by Chekhov - 14, 16 and 17 September.Leonid Bronevoy was born in Kiev on December 17, 1928. Graduated from high school and on the advice of mothers enrolled in the Tashkent Institute of theatre arts named after A. N. Ostrovsky.In the 1950's Armor was distributed in Magnitogorsk drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin. After some time he went to Orenburg, where he began performing on the stage of the local drama theatre. In 1953, the actor went straight to the third year of the School-Studio of MKHAT.Armour played over 50 roles in film. The most famous among them: Muller - 12-serial television movie "Seventeen moments of spring", Manuilov - in "Agony", the Duke - in the parable "That Munchhausen", Velour - in "the Pokrovskie gate". Actor has played in dozens of performances. Source: the State remains heavy Armor.

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