`Buranovskiye babushki` reached the finals of the `Eurovision`

`Buranovskiye babushki` reached the finals of the `Eurovision` The group "Buranovskie grandmother", representing Russia at "Eurovision-2012" took place with the song "Party for Everybody" ("Party for all") in the final of the competition, which will be held may 26. By a vote she took ninth place among the first ten finalists, ITAR-TASS reported.In the final of song contest "Grandmother" will perform at number 6. It was determined tonight in the draw, held immediately after the first semi-final.Together with the Russian team for the final was reached by the representatives of Romania, Moldova, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Greece and Ireland.10 finalists will be determined by the outcome of the second semifinal, which will be held on may 24.In addition, the final automatically included representatives from five countries-founders of the contest - the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, as well as performers from Azerbaijan as the host of "Eurovision-2012".A musical contest held in the concert hall of Baku Chrystal Hall, specially built for Eurovision", reports "Interfax".The first semi-final on 22 may, were made by the participant from Montenegro Rambo Amadeus with the song Euro Neuro, last participant of this tour Duo twins Jedward from Ireland with the song "aterline.The Russian group "Buranovskie babushki" acted under the 14th room. Applause greeted the performance of the group in their native village in Udmurtia, ITAR-TASS reported.At the press conference, one of them is Galina Koneva - thanked on behalf of the group of all who gave it their votes. "Thank you to everyone who supported us, our family and all of you," she said.Russian singer shared his impressions about how they were welcomed by the audience. "It's nice that we always are greeted warmly, journalists do not give a pass, and during his speech welcomed so loud that the music was not heard. I was very afraid that we will not be able to sing," said Konev.By the beginning of the contest "Grandmothers" were the leaders of the online vote, which was attended by members of national delegations accredited to the competition, journalists and fans.Azerbaijan as the winner of last year's contest in Dusseldorf and current organizer of "Eurovision" will perform in the final, along with the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. The Republic is Sabina Babayeva with the song "When The Music Dies".The broadcasting of the contest are 46 countries, overall, this year's competition involves 42 countries. Presenters are last year's winner of "Eurovision" song contest Eldar Gasimov, a leading Azerbaijani public television Leyla Aliyeva and leading Nargiz Birk-Petersen. The final contest will be held on may 26.The fans in the village of Buranovo looking for a working TVResidents of the village of Buranovo gathered in the village club together to watch the semi-final of "Eurovision-2012" and to cheer for their famous countrywomen, ITAR-TASS reported.Two hours before the broadcast in the village club gathered relatives and neighbors "Buranovskie grandmothers". Because of the storm the party had to be moved from the courtyard into the club itself. But buranova was not discouraged. "There's a superstition that if it rains then it's good luck", they repeated.A few minutes before the start of the contest it became clear that the club is suddenly out of order TV, so the villagers began to look for a replacement. But even this circumstance they are not confused."Our grandmothers at "Eurovision-2012", and this is more important to look at where we find", they said.After problems with communication within half an hour after the start of the competition equipment has been set up, and in the village club a little late, started showing on a big portable screen and on TV.In the village club gathered more than 200 people who sincerely supported their countrywomen. During their performances in the hall waving Udmurt flags, and the audience sang along to grandparents."Well, now just go out in the finale, and what will take place there - don't know, but we will be cheering," said local resident Tatyana Sarafanov.In Buranovo decided not to go to bed until, until you announce the results of voting. Late night at the club lasted disco - the villagers danced to the sounds of modern music and chanted words of support for the countrywomen, who glorified village in the whole world.Source: "Buranovskie babushki" reached the final of "Eurovision".

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