Elena Vaenga decided to call a chicken in honor Sobchak

Elena Vaenga decided to call a chicken in honor SobchakPopular singer Elena Vaenga at every opportunity don't miss an opportunity to talk about the infamous leading Ksenia Sobchak, which the singer recently open conflict. At this time, the artist stated that he would call her the most beautiful hen named Ksusha.Elena Vaenga after the birth of her son ceased to appear in public, but has not lost touch with his many fans. So, the artist gladly discuss with fans favor healthy foods, however, even in this seemingly very distant from show business theme managed to remember Ksenia Sobchak.One of the most popular performers of the national stage announced on its official website that is prepared in the spring to buy chickens: "the Most beautiful call Ksenia! And the rooster.......... Call Shenderovich!!! And in any case you won't kill!!! I love their old age( of course!!). Let run eye pleasing... Well, at least useful..... I.)))))))))))", - in his trademark mnohosmyslov and uneducated style told Elena Vaenga. Even the reporters, only vaguely heard about the famous conflict of the singer and Ksenia Sobchak, no doubt, after whom is named chicken. Note that up to this scandalous TV presenter for the eyes teased "horse", to which Sobchak reacted quite ironic.Recall a brief history of the conflict Vaenga and Sobchak. On the page of its official website Elena Vaenga left a note, which spilled all my emotions regarding the trial of girl group Pussy Riot. The popular performer was so susceptible to the passions that didn't care about punctuation or spelling. Eventually got up the hype and with the Internet migrated to the written press and on television.The entry Vaenga said the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. It would seem that it could be more common in such folk singer and unconditional favorite of the audience Vaenga and glamorous show-bisnoi Sobchak. Xenia couldn't pass by the next sensation. She left in the microblog the following record: "this is Vaenga, folk star, the bearer of good to the masses, whom the Federal channels. No hrusa and Michel". The singer is quite mobile responded to the message Sobchak and replied with sarcasm and mockery. Sobchak did not remain in debt and let him go in his microblog a couple more studs to the Vaenga. Then began to understand already fans of the singer and presenter. Source: Elena Vaenga decided to call a chicken in honor Sobchak.

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