Jessica Simpson got fat after giving birth

Jessica Simpson got fat after giving birth American singer and actress Jessica Simpson has ceased to hide from the paparazzi.The star, who recently became a mother, continues to recover after childbirth. The girl visits the gym daily, leads a healthy lifestyle and strict diet.According to sources, Jessica fell into a terrible depression after the birth of her daughter Maxwell. All because of - postpartum figure and weight, from which it cannot get rid of:"Friends comforted her, because not enough time has passed after the birth," says the source, She can't look at myself in the mirror and works hard on her figure, but still saw no results. Jessica was hiding from the paparazzi, because ashamed of her body, but lately, to hide from photographers has become much more difficult, because they announced on her pictures a real hunt! Fortunately, Jessica supports her family and husband, who never tires of repeating to her how beautiful she is." Source: Jessica Simpson got fat after giving birth.

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