Santa Dimopoulos is suing ex-husband for her son

Santa Dimopoulos is suing ex-husband for her sonHere it happens. Ex-husband Santa Dimopoulos, Andrew djedjula decided to make a former lover "wedding gift" - a lawsuit. Showman accused the singer that she fraudulently took out their joint son Daniel abroad.Andrew says that he had not given the consent to departure of the child abroad. Moreover, djedjula complains that Santa does not let him see the child. Supposedly, the singer didn't let go of Daniel even congratulate father a happy birthday, which he celebrated in the beginning of the month.In desperation, Andrew collected documents, hired a lawyer and went to court. Showman assures us that this decisive step he was pushed not jealousy, and the desire to communicate with his only child. "Today I don't feel for her no emotion, even hatred. I have everything - home, friends, beloved. All I want from Santa is to see his son. If we fail to agree, then I will meet with him on schedule. Statement to the Board of Trustees I already have," admitted djedjula.By the way, Santa is pretty abruptly stopped all the questions about it in his microblog. "I don't want to discuss it!" - wrote the girl. Source: Santa Dimopoulos is suing ex-husband for her son.

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