`VIA Gra` again changes its composition

`VIA Gra` again changes its compositionOne of the sexiest girl groups of the local scene "VIA Gra" again changes its composition. They say the team is leaving "little" Santa Dimopoulos.No sooner had many fans of the girl group "VIA Gra" to come to terms with the new lineup, which included "red-haired" Albina dzhanabaeva, "Belenkaya" Eva bushmina and "little" Santa Dimopoulos, as the team once again (according to some estimates, already in the 16th) is undergoing radical change.The group decided to leave Santa Dimopoulos, send "7 days". They say the reason for leaving the young singer to change her marital status. The fact that the actress just recently got married. Supposedly Dimopoulos decided not to sacrifice personal life for the sake of career and devoted herself to her husband. Meanwhile, still no comment from Santa's from the producers or staff were reported.However, some secular chroniclers suggested that the reason is the complex relationship within the team. Eva bushmina recently gave a candid interview in which he said that the team is not going smoothly. According to the blonde, they have frequent conflicts with Santa Dimopoulos. "We haven't introduced her to the team, not okay with it. Often conflict. Of course, this cannot be called a serious quarrels, but the atmosphere sometimes is heating up. With Albina we find common language easily and simply, but with Santa have to argue. I was recently at her place, and I also thought that Nadia and Albina bent and don't want to try anything new, although I suggested and change the order of songs during the concert, and clothes to try something different," said bushmina.Recall that the 25-year old vocalist of the musical group "VIA Gra" Santa Dimopoulos and that her boyfriend, 33-year-old Vladimir Samsonenko, got married in late September. The ceremony was held in Italy. The ceremony was attended by only close friends and relatives of the couple. Interestingly, on the eve of the celebration of Santa and Vladimir have arranged a pre-wedding party in one of the best hotels in Rome.Vocalist of "VIA gra" Santa Dimopoulos met with Vladimir Samsonenko in a nightclub. According to the singer, at first it didn't make much of an impression, but remember the extravagant act of dancing on her coat. As admitted by the artist, it won persevering courtship and attention of Vladimir. "Don't fall in love with him was impossible!" - admitted the singer. Source: "VIA Gra" again changes its composition.

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