Died historian, Marxist Eric Hobsbawm

Died historian, Marxist Eric HobsbawmIn the UK in 96-m to year of life has died the historian-Marxist Eric Hobsbawm. About it reports The Guardian.Hobsbawm, known fundamental works on the history of XIX and XX centuries, it was believed in the West "one of the greatest historians of our time." He was a theorist and a consistent critic of nationalism. Its authorship belongs to the term "long nineteenth century", denoting the historical period from 1789 to 1914.Russian reader Hobsbawm, known, among other things, according to the book "the Age of extremes. Short twentieth century" (referring to the period from 1918 to 1991). In an interview with the Guardian Hobsbawm, admitted that his book is devoted to "the rehabilitation of Marx's ideas on the background of the current crisis of capitalism.".

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