Mistress-sex Katya Ivanova posing naked for Ronnie wood

Mistress-sex Katya Ivanova posing naked for Ronnie woodThe Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie wood, who had abandoned his wife for a 19 year old waitress from Moscow, now draws a naked girl in his estate in Ireland and sells her portraits in a nearby gallery.The work is estimated by experts at 8000 pounds, writes the Daily Mail.Employees of the gallery in Dublin, which exhibits one of 60 portraits of Russian girls, said that while the Creator of the masterpiece did not appear at them, assuming that he can't break through the tight ring of pubs surrounding the exhibition hall.Ex-boyfriend Katya Ivanova, 26-year-old music technician Chris Keeley doesn't believe in what happened. "He started to ask her to Ireland. She posed for him, and the proceeds from the paintings he promised her to give. I was jealous - I was with him not to compete. I never thought that my girl is taken away 61-year-old man," said the rejected boyfriend.Recall that Ronnie wood left his wife for the sake of Katya Ivanova and moved with her to an estate in Ireland. The father of four children, the 61-year-old wood met tineydzherka during one of his drinking in a bar in Leicester square, after the premiere of the picture "let there be light," Martin Scorsese documentary about the Rolling Stones musician.Yesterday the musician's wife former model Jo wood, who believed that the couple went together to the art festival, said, dumbfounded that such antics youngsters. "She's crazy, she's a terrible drunk," snapped Joe. Source: Mistress-sex Katya Ivanova posing naked for Ronnie wood.

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