Mogilev `burned its past`

Mogilev `burned its past` In his new clip, filmed for the song "Home I let go of love", Natalia Mogilevskaya struggled "with his emotional pain". The fact that the star can not forget her former common law husband Egor Dolinina, who have been married for 5 years.Apparently relying on the fact that the fire will help to clear the memory of unpleasant memories (at least, so I think psychologists), in a new video Natasha "burned his past". She had resorted to a similar trick with the flame on the Crimea Music Fest, but, apparently, the result has not justified its hopes, and there was a need to double N2.On his page on the Internet Mogilev left this comment:"Perhaps it is too sad, perhaps it is too painful, but I was never so defenceless in front of you ... my audience".By the way, during the filming of the movie was an unpleasant incident. The house in which the scenario was the singer, suddenly embraced a real flame, and the fire flared up so quickly that I had to call the fire Department. If they had not come in time, of the leased property, worth 2 million dollars, could be burned to the ground. Fortunately, everything worked out.Itself Mogilev went head first into work, and personal life trying not to think. Did Natalia get rid of the past, she knows only. But we sincerely wish she.In the meantime, watch the dramatic clip about lost love:Source: Mogilev "burned his past".

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