Lindsay Lohan was again involved in a kidnapping case jewelry

Lindsay Lohan was again involved in a kidnapping case jewelryControversial actress Lindsay Lohan, which was charged with stealing from a jewelry store, was again involved in the abduction case of jewelry.However, this time it is really only a witness, but there are suspicions that she brought into the house of thieves.On Sunday, the actress visited the night's party in a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. Along with her came her assistant, brother Cody and two other men whose names are not called. On Monday around noon Lindsay was about to leave, but at this point, the owners of the house had discovered the loss of the very expensive watches and a few pairs of sunglasses.During the police interrogation, the owner of the mansion (according to the website X17Online - "an active participant in the social life of Hollywood") stated that most likely, things were stolen by two men brought to the party Lindsay Lohan. The actress is also questioned and safely released. According to Mail Online, she tried to help the police in every way we could, and denied his involvement in the theft.Recall that the last time Lindsay Lohan is quite a law-abiding lifestyle and works hard: she toiled on the filming of the biopic "Liz and dick", and is now engaged in a pilot project of Paul Schrader's "the Canyons". In addition, the Studio Dimension Films has officially confirmed that Lindsay will appear in "scary movie 5" with Charlie sheen. Source: Lindsay Lohan was again involved in a kidnapping case jewelry.

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