Single handsome Hollywood

Single handsome Hollywood Of them dream of millions of women, they are young, beautiful, rich and popular. But all of them are free and are waiting for the one, the one and only that for a lifetime. Someone divorced, someone broke our hearts heartless girlfriend, and someone hasn't decided to tie the knot in a serious relationship.So who are unmarried handsome Hollywood? I offer you the "cream" - the eligible bachelor.Matthew McConaugheyThe star of romantic comedies (How to get a guy in 10 days", "Ghosts of girlfriends past") and adventure films ("Sugar") not only is the honorary first place, but also received the title of "Mr. press. And this is not to mention his beaming white-toothed smile and the reception look! In General, according to the mother, 37-year-old McConaughey, her son is a very humble and honest character guy.Well, mom, as they say, better...Jake GyllenhaalSurviving breakup with Kirsten dunst, Jake is ready for a new relationship. They say he loves children and enjoy tinkering with her little niece. So cute, right?Chris EvansIf anyone knows Chris - look "Fantastic four" and "Captain America", you will appreciate his beautiful body and penetrating look from under his bangs. Moreover, the relationship 26-year-old actor builds solely on trust and mutual understanding, on a first date not go beyond the intimate conversations.LudacrisBrutal rapper, as it turned out, quite secretive by nature. The main rule - a man should be a mystery. So Ludacris is rarely represented in front of the girl on the first meeting. Well, a good tactic, but it is important, then the surprise was pleasant.Kenny ChesneyHandsome, country singer, former husband of Renee Zellweger and ready to start a family and kids - I think this gentlemen's collection is already more than enough. Take!Adrian GrenierRemember curly brunette with sensual lips of Mamma Mia and the Devil wears Prada. It is especially valuable that when such external data, Adrian homebody, did not suffer star disease and prefers to spend time with a close circle of family or close friends.Justin TimberlakeIt is unlikely that the name J. T. need additional advertising. Sweet-voiced singer, a budding actor, and no matter where! Casanova, however, is still the same... But let's hope that this is only until he met his love. Source: Single handsome Hollywood.

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