Madonna has blessed hearing oligarchs for $7 million

Madonna has blessed hearing oligarchs for $7 millionPopular singer Madonna during his tour in Russia for a few hours late for his own concert in Moscow. As it turned out, to act in time, it has prevented private party on the ruble, where the pop diva humoured hearing Russian oligarchs.On the background of other stars Madonna is punctual and her shows often start late. Who came to her concert had to wait about three hours in a stuffy hall of the Moscow "Olympic" yet to see a performance by the singer.As it turned out, a world-famous celebrity who loves to speak from the stage for equality, freedom and rights "downtrodden and oppressed" are not averse to sacrifice his fans for a living. In the "Olympic" Madonna was late, pausing at corporate for one of our compatriots on the ruble. Western pop diva humoured hearing Russian oligarchs at a private party in the exclusive village CottonWay on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. According to the information Days.Roo, the amount of the fee for such a statement amounted to seven millions of dollars."If it (the delay) happened with our artists - would have torn to pieces," commented Days.Ru this behavior of the singer known producer Joseph Prigogine. According to him, the singer showed real contempt for his fans. "The maximum delay of the concert for some reason, maybe 15 minutes, well, half an hour from the force," he said.In addition, Prigogine has criticized Madonna for her statement in support of the group Pussy Riot. "People come in "Olympic", in sweltering waited three hours to hear "Free Pussy Riot"? She spit on the laws of the country on the existing rules," - said the producer.We can say that Russian "ches" for Madonna went well: the scandalous PR on the topic of punk-prayer, a substantial fee for a VIP corporate event and the show itself. For what Madonna did a speech in front of fans at the Olympic stadium, it received four million dollars, while in other countries of Eastern Europe, it earns the concert about one million dollars. Source: Madonna has blessed hearing oligarchs for $7 million.

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