Broadcaster TNT rented a continuation of the TV series `Dallas`

Broadcaster TNT rented a continuation of the TV series `Dallas`Broadcaster TNT took the continuation of the series "Dallas", the first episode of which is due on 13 June 2012. In the project there will be new story lines, however, will remain the old reasons for disputes. The news reports the Hollywood Reporter.The new series is based on the original series of the same name, which lasted from 1978 to 1991, and which consisted of 14 seasons. "Dallas" was telling about a family of Texas oil barons, and what passion there was in full swing. Murder, alcoholism, revenge, betrayal - this is not a complete list of the main defects encountered by the heroes.Former actors Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman were confident that the series will not be able to continue, simply because no one knows how to do it.According to the stars, they read a lot of weak scripts. "But then we heard that TNT and Warners want to run this project. Then I thought, "Great, let's see what happens," says Duffy, "In the end, I read the script and understood that the company will be able to do it. What I felt then - Sold". Source: TNT Broadcaster withdrew the continuation of the series "Dallas"".

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