In the U.S. died, the author of `a book of success` Stephen Covey

In the U.S. died, the author of `a book of success` Stephen CoveyAn American expert on governance and writer Stephen Covey, which Time magazine included in the list of the 25 most influential people in the U.S., has died at age 79 in one of the hospitals in Idaho, reports CNN."In his last hours he was surrounded by a loving wife, children and their spouses - just as he always wanted," a statement from the family of the famous Manager.The most famous work of Covey's book is "the Seven habits of highly effective people", released in 1989. In this book he analyzed the qualities that should be possessed by people seeking success, talked about the harmonious development of man and the search for meaning in life.This Covey bestseller, translated almost forty languages sold worldwide circulation of more than 20 million. Publications like Time and Forbes, acknowledged the "Seven habits" one of the most influential books on management theory and management. In 1996, Time was included in the list of 25 most influential Americans and the writer.Moreover, some Western corporations have elevated her to the rank of the doctrine of efficiency and introduced her to their employees on a mandatory basis.Follow Stephen Covey has written several books on the problems of management and management Focus. The achievement of objectives", "the Main attention to the main things," and many others.In recent years, Covey has lectured at major universities in the country, he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company FranklinCovey.Covey has won international and national awards "entrepreneur of the year" for outstanding achievements in the field of business leadership (1994); award of the Sikh contribution to the cause of peace (1998), and even awards for paternity (2003), awarded within the framework of the National programme of paternity. The latest award is not surprising: Covey was the father of nine children and grandfather of 52 grandchildren. Source: U.S. died, the author of "playbook for success" Stephen Covey.

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