Death of the performer of the role of Denis Korablev

Death of the performer of the role of Denis KorablevThe star of the 1970s Sergey Krupennikov - "Denis" from children's films - he died tragically. Going by Bicycle 49-year-old actor was hit by a motorcyclist.Sergey Krupennikov starred in pictures for children, including "Where does it go, where is it heard" the stories of Victor Dragunsky "Deniskin stories", "Dear boy", "Funny dream, or Laughter and tears", "Magic voice Gelsomino". His role will long be remembered not only because of the famous phrase "Vasya's father is good at math!", but on the bright image of a red - haired, freckled and talented boy perfectly coped with the role of a naughty and restless."Few actors awarded this honor twice during the year to appear on the cover of "the Soviet screen". First, the fourth, and then on the first pages, is told in 1975 directed by Valentin Gorlov. - Sixth grade student 318-th school of Leningrad Sergei Krupnikov did it.".

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