Neil Armstrong buried at sea

Neil Armstrong buried at seaAmerican astronaut Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon, will be buried at sea. The ceremony will be held in accordance with the traditions of the naval forces of the United States, where served as pilot before joining NASA.It is unknown when and where the body of the astronaut will be given water. The ritual of the Navy to pay final respects to the deceased, you need to go with him to sea on a military boat, which stops at the command of the officer "all the dead are buried" (All hands bury the dead).Under the Charter of the CPA it is possible to bring the water as the body in the coffin, so to dissipate over water the ashes of the deceased. The farewell ceremony will be accompanied by a religious ritual, although Armstrong did not profess any religion. The funeral will end in three salvos funeral platoon of seven people, reports RIA Novosti.on September 13 there will be an open memorial service for astronaut, it will be held in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Previously the farewell ceremony took place in the vicinity of Cincinnati behind closed doors, in a narrow circle of family and friends.Armstrong served in the Navy fighter pilot, test pilot from 1949 to 1952 years, ITAR-TASS reported. He participated in the Korean war 1950-1953-x, having made over this period 78 combat missions on the Grumman F9F Panther fighter and was once shot down. In 1956, Armstrong went to work in belonged to NASA station study high-speed flight in California, where he participated in the testing of experimental aircraft.In July 1969, Armstrong became the commander during the historic flight of Apollo 11 is first brought people to the moon. The crew also included Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins. 21 July 1969 Armstrong first stepped on the moon and uttered his famous phrase: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". Recall that Armstrong died August 25 at age 82 from complications following heart surgery. Source: Neil Armstrong will be buried at sea.

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