Timothy admitted that he became an adult

Timothy admitted that he became an adultPopular rap artist Timati went under the surgeon's knife. Famous artist decided to get rid of holes in the earlobes.Popular rapper took this step, because I realized that the wearing of earrings in your ears for men are nothing more than childish, and now he became serious, the adult who has no reason to engage in such foolishness. The operation did not take long. It lasted no more than an hour under local anesthesia."It's okay, although the feeling and not pleasant. To sleep while uncomfortable, a bit on the side will turn, at once painful," quoting rap artist Life News. The artist explained his unexpected decision: "I guess I just outgrew it. More serious creativity requires change". Evil tongues say that Timothy decided to change the image and to gain weight, for what and had a conflict with pop king Philip Kirkorov, which gossip in recent weeks.We will remind, recently on the Internet there was a record of telephone conversations, voices which may belong to a rap artist Timati and lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky that some secular chroniclers called defender Philipp Kirkorov, who wants to sue the offender. From the record that suddenly lost the courage to write "man with a voice similar to Timothy," as a child stutters in conversation with ironic Dobrovinsky.The singer has denied all the rumors that supposedly scared of prosecution by the pop king Philip Kirkorov, and phoned the lawyer to keep rising scandal. Timothy has published in his microblog attitude to this unpleasant situation: "Telephone conversation with A. A. Dobrovinsky mounted and cut that absolutely does not reflect its real essence. The lawyer is definitely worth his client, nor one nor the other does not know anything about prof ethics LOL".Many fans of the artist is clearly looking forward to the reaction of his idol on a provocative record, however their opinions about this conversation varies. Someone believed in unbending principles Timati, and someone - no. Some secular chroniclers generally starting to lean towards the option that this story showdown all the more like a PR, and by Timothy. Source: Timati admitted that he became an adult.

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