In Odessa will put a monument to Steve jobs

In Odessa will put a monument to Steve jobsMunicipality of Odessa allowed to install on one of the streets of the city sculpture, commemorating the memory of the founder of Apple Steve jobs. With this idea in the administration asked the students and the administration of the Odessa Academy of technical regulation and quality. This was reported on the website of the municipality.The head of the historical-toponymic Commission of the city Vice-mayor Elena Pavlova, as noted, called the idea of students "very relevant, fresh and timely.As said resource "Думская.net" sculptural composition titled "Thank you, Steve!" ready. Its author is Odessa sculptor Kirill Maksimenko, specializing in the creation of art objects from car parts and other metal structures (other of his work can be seen here). As expected, a two-meter statue of jobs will set in front of a student dormitory on the street Novoselsky, 74/76.The sculpture represents an open hand with a through hole in the center. One side of the hole looks like an Apple logo (bitten Apple), with another - has the shape of a heart. Maximenko said that to create a monument to the jobs he was offered the other. "I watched all the videos with Steve and drew attention to the fact that he was a lot of gesticulating. Through these gestures, and he had contact with people," said Maximenko.Steve jobs died on October 5, 2011 from pancreatic cancer. He was 56 years old. Because of the illness jobs in January 2011 was forced to go on leave as head of Apple, half a year later he left the position of CEO and was finally elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Source: In Odessa will put a monument to Steve jobs.

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