The son of Dmitry Pevtsov fell from a third floor balcony

The son of Dmitry Pevtsov fell from a third floor balconyThe eldest son of people's artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov early on Saturday morning, fell from the third floor balcony of the house of pre-revolutionary building in the centre of Moscow.22-year-old Singers Daniel was taken to the neurosurgery Department of the Botkin hospital after falling from the balcony of the house в„– 33 on 1st Brestskaya street, told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the Metropolitan police.After conducting the preliminary investigation, the investigators are inclined to believe that the accident happened. However, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets" not exclude the version about attempt suicide. However, all the familiar guy categorically deny the suggestion that he might try to settle scores with life.Surgeons several hours fighting for the life of the son of the actor, who received severe injuries of the skull and spine and was taken to hospital in a state of clinical death. For two days the young man in mind and not come, he remains in intensive care in serious condition.Dmitry Pevtsov rushed to the hospital on Saturday immediately after he learned about the tragedy. There immediately came the mother of Daniel - Larissa Blazhko. Parents in the intensive care unit was not allowed.MK figured out the details of the incident. According to the publication, in the house on 1st Brestskaya street in the apartment of 22-year-old Muscovite Catherine on Friday evening gathered her classmates, among whom was Daniel Singers. Young men drank whiskey and coke, talked and listened to music. In the morning two familiar Pevtsov, Jr. went to the balcony to smoke, he came out behind them.According to the girls, the young man leaned straight arms on the railing of the balcony, and suddenly in a moment suddenly rolled over the guardrail and fell down. Life News publishes a record of surveillance cameras, which recorded a fall of Daniel. The footage shows a young man wearing a red t-shirt that falls to the ground. From blow the man literally rolling on the asphalt, and then stops about a parked car at the curb.Daniel's friends rushed down. Lying on the pavement, the actor's son was bleeding from his head and he was unconscious. Called the ambulance took the young man to the hospital.As police officers found out the company before to gather in the apartment on 1st Brestskaya, on Friday afternoon resting at the pizzeria "Centrale" on Kutuzov Avenue."There were 15 to 18 people came to the restaurant already pretty drunk," - said the Manager of the hall. According to an employee of the institution, young people mainly ordered beer, a bit of some hard liquor, pizza and snacks. "Joking very loudly and fooling around. The guards repeatedly came up to their table and made a comment, but it was to no avail", he added.After closing classmates decided to continue the celebration of the fifth anniversary from the date of graduation in the apartment of one of the girls. Some young people went home, Catherine was six people.Neighbors of the apartment, with a balcony that Daniel fell, told Life News that there regularly at night are noisy party. "There is Lesch, whether Kate some lives, wealthy young people," said the neighbors. - They always have fun: Golden youth kuritsa. Before sunrise music seldom abates".According to media reports, the son of Dmitry Pevtsov Daniel was born 5 June 1990 in Moscow. His mother Larissa Blazhko the actor studied at GITIS. Their affair lasted several years and ended after the birth of her son. Dmitry and Larisa their relationship was never legalized.Soon after parting with Pevtsov Larisa went with my son to Canada. There she played in a local theater, starred in several films and received another education - psychoanalyst in UBC (University of British Columbia). In 2002 Blazhko decided to return home. In 2009 she headed the real estate Department of the city of a large company.After the return of the son of Singers, which since 1994 lives in marriage to actress Olga Drozdova, officially decided to adopt Daniel. Recall that Pevtsova have another son from his marriage with Drozdova - five-year-old Elisha.Daniel, after graduating from high school, he enrolled at the Academy, from where he transferred the girl acting Department. This summer a young man graduated from College. During his studies he worked for two years in the Metropolitan theater of the moon. Recently Daniel, very similar in appearance to his father, finished filming the TV series "angel heart" directed by Elena Nikolaeva. Source: Son of Dmitry Pevtsov fell from a third floor balcony.

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