Singer Robbie Williams first became a father

Singer Robbie Williams first became a fatherStar British pop singer Robbie Williams first became a father. The former soloist of group "Take That" and his wife, actress Coaching field, American of Turkish origin, was born a girl, what Williams announced Tuesday night on his Twitter.The newborn was named Theodora rose. Not so long ago, Robbie Williams said he intends to give their child a common name. According to him, he didn't want to follow the example of other celebrities that name their children specially invented names.Daughter Robbie Williams was born in London, ITAR-TASS reported. On the eve of the birth of a child, the singer went on a concert tour in the UK, but in order to give birth to be with his wife, he constantly kept ready private jet.Currently the couple reside in Beverly hills around Los Angeles, but Robbie, he said, wants the child was reared in his native English spirit. Williams is not satisfied with the quality of education in American schools. According to the singer, he and his wife discuss which area of UK are going to settle down and raise a daughter.38-year-old Robbie Williams and 33-year-old IDA got married two years ago, before they were Dating for three years. Source: Singer Robbie Williams first became a father.

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