Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way

Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way No sooner had many stars fans get enough of the transformations that occurred with Brit in recent months, as American paparazzi shocking new photos. It turns out with style, Spears still all is not as rosy as it seems.Recently, photographers on the streets of Los Angeles, when she, accompanied by a guard, went to the store to shop. Looked at that, Britney, more than ridiculous: short shorts, the singer has added a turquoise sweater under the throat, sleeveless.Crack Spears "flaunted" quite a classic shoes with huge heels. With hair Brit and even decided not to bother and just put your hair up, the tips of which are recently painted in blue color in the beam. On the one hand, of course, this is just an ordinary trip to the grocery store, but then again - Britney, your age and your status in the outfits still need to be more selective. Source: Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way.

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