`Naked Harry` became `man of the year`

`Naked Harry` became `man of the year`Britain's Prince Harry became the "man of the year" by one of the most prestigious publications in the UK. Turned out that naked party monarch went only to the benefit of its popularity.The British version of the famous glossy magazine Tatler named the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Harry "man of the year". Interestingly, he became the first man over the last 20 years, which appeared on the cover of the publication. Before him on the front page was his father, Prince Charles.Harry recognized the "most attractive and charismatic representative of the Royal family for generations," according to the business newspaper "Sight". In a long article about him the Prince appears as a brave military man, a caring friend and a generous philanthropist. "Harry is a true warrior Prince, a man with a big heart. When he does not control helicopter gunships in Afghanistan, he tirelessly caring for his wounded comrades," - says the publication.However, younger son of lady Di remembered and the fact that he often gets into various awkward situations. This topic is allocated a whole section called: "Prince Harry: girls, parties, mistakes." Of course, a large place was taken by the recent scandal, after which the Prince was nicknamed "naked". Recall that in late August, Harry gave a party in one of the hotel rooms in Las Vegas. This party turned to the Prince and his entire Royal family a real scandal. A game of strip pool in a hotel room ended for Harry very candid photoshoot in an embrace with a naked girl. Then spicy photos bypassed all the world's tabloids.This scandal cost the Prince the famous order of the Garter. Queen Elizabeth II decided that "the time has not come" to the highest order of knighthood of the United Kingdom has embraced her youngest grandson. Thus, it is expected in the coming days, the ceremony was postponed indefinitely.Meanwhile, Harry has decided to support former and current military who have created a Facebook group where I uploaded my photos in the Nude while saluting. To this action, connected women, children and even animals.Now Harry as a soldier of the Royal air force serving in Afghanistan. The Prince, who is known among colleagues as captain Wales, was appointed as the second pilot in the crew of the Apache helicopter. Current trip Harry in the British contingent in Afghanistan - already the second. At the end of 2007 - early 2008, he spent 10 weeks were in the Republic as an artillery gunner. But then the Prince was recalled to his homeland ahead of schedule for safety reasons due to the fact that the media had published information about his whereabouts. Source: "the Naked Harry" became the "man of the year"".

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