Valery Meladze divorces his wife

Valery Meladze divorces his wifeThe famous singer Valery Meladze was unable to save his family. According to rumors, his wife had filed for divorce and chose to protect their interests of a famous secular lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.Lawyer widely known for participating in such a loud family squabbles, as the scandal between Olga and Vladimir Slutsker, thanks to which the children were to live with the father, and the trial between Ruslan Baysarov and Christina Orbakaite, who could not share his son Danny. Now the time has come for a showdown in court between Irina and Valery Meladze.Despite the fact that the popular actor had tried to save a 20 year marriage with his wife and mother of three daughters, Irene first decided to cut the Gordian knot and filed for divorce. However, she still denies that gave the cause of stroke. But the defender Irene, the lawyer, Alexander Dobrovinsky, said that represents its interests. "Yes, I am a lawyer Irina Meladze. My client prefers not to disclose details of the divorce process", - quotes the lawyer "Express newspaper".The publication suggests that the veil of mystery surrounding the divorce Meladze associated with the Albina Dzhanabaeva, the mother of his only son. Supposedly, she was the one who wanted the divorce Valeria through the courts. Because in this case the property itself Meladze will have a wife and equal rights - and jointly acquired property of the spouses divide. It is possible, according to the newspaper, this question is not like Irina, because she has something from Valery three children, so she has more claims on the property. Perhaps this will prove Alexander Dobrovinsky. Valery Meladze keeps a deathly silence about his divorce.However, regarding this "love triangle" the actor told in an interview: "I still feel a profound sense of guilt. And many things do not add up, and sometimes I'm afraid and never will be. How far you've gone, you are still on this Earth where people live that you got really hurt. I can't get rid of these thoughts." Source: Valery Meladze divorces his wife.



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