Heidi Klum showed the gorgeous figure

Heidi Klum showed the gorgeous figurePopular German top model Heidi Klum posted on the microblogging own photo Nude body barely covered by the bikini. The model clearly enjoys being alone after divorce with your spouse, singer Shiloh.Heidi Klum has pleased his many fans on the social network Twitter, laying out in the microblogging photo, which appeared in the minimum of clothing. The model demonstrated tanned flat stomach and long legs. Heidi was lying on the beach in the company of a bottle of beer, which modestly hidden under the left foot. Celebrity signed photo: "Great day!" Not every 39-year-old mother of four children can afford to shoot in such a Frank way.A little earlier in the microblog Heidi Klum congratulated all Americans on independence Day, traditionally celebrated in the USA on 4 July. The mannequin has posted his own photo, which appeared in the summer hat, on a style like cowboy. And generous model published its own shot at the stake sear marshmallou. All the photographs Heidi smiles happily. Hard to believe that in January of this year, the model unexpectedly announced the divorce with your spouse, a popular American performer Shiloh.Recall that Heidi Klum was motivated by a desire to end the marriage "insuperable disagreements" with Shiloh. However, according to unofficial versions, the reason for the divorce is called the unrestrained character of the singer. According to rumors, the performer is so explosive in nature that suffered not only his wife Heidi Klum, but all of the immediate environment of the singer. In the model, which in addition to hassle my husband busy with her own business, four children and filming in different programs, I came to the conclusion that it is better to divorce than to put up with frequent outbursts of anger wife.After her divorce in an interview, Heidi Klum admitted that not certain I will ever marry. However, despite the divorce, she remembers with gratitude their Silom marriage of seven years, each year of which the couple celebrated with an impromptu ceremony at which exchanged vows of love and faithfulness. Source: Heidi Klum showed the gorgeous figure.

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