Edita celebrates two anniversaries at once

Edita celebrates two anniversaries at once Immediately celebrates two anniversaries today Edita. People's artist - 75, and 55 years she is on stage. She was named editeu in honor of the great Edith Piaf. And it determined the fate of the future star. Edita has always been a trendsetter on the stage, her today and try to imitate.And I love the amazing voice and heartfelt performance style. Traditionally, your birthday, the singer will celebrate with a concert. It will be held in St. Petersburg.Organic for her entourage - mannequins and fashion dresses. A few days before the anniversary concert Edita present at the final fitting with the designer. Refuses to show five outfits in which will take the stage. It is a surprise to the public. After breaking Edita still walk, can not. But there is no doubt that this time she will flutter from the wings as they were 50 years ago. "I'm an actress," she says. - I live by the scene. It's how I stay on this earth.Her hometown - Noyal-sous-lens, a mining village in the North of France, where parents are poles went in search of a better life. Mom called her editeu in honor of the great Edith Piaf. War, occupation, death of first his father, then his brother... All her life she will hate the black mourning color. The family will return to Poland, and there is an excellent student of the EHA will be asked to choose a place of study. She will choose the Leningrad - and never regret it. In the University hostel Edyta sang in the choir of the Polish community, and here she was noticed by a student at the Conservatory Alexander Bronevitsky. New year's eve 1956 Edita - the Conservatoire stage. They sing together about the Red bus."Thaw", the Festival of youth and students in Moscow. The Soviet people are allowed to wonder and admire foreign peers. And here is a charming polka, which does not speak in Russian and in natural way French singer-songwriter.The ensemble is now called "Friendship", it is very popular, primarily due to the soloist. In the chorus I suppose - future conductors of Symphony orchestras Vladislav Chernushenko and Alexander Dmitriev. And EHA continues to strive for excellence.But not only on stage persona care Pyekha. How to submit a song, how to make a small performance? The hit music of the past", "Huge sky" EHA decided to sing it differently than the artist intended. "At first, the change-it was a small waltz - says the EHA. I said "it can't be. Ballad. This is the ballad"...She collected huge halls. The audience admired the slight accent as the years passed. She imitated its manners, and the ability to wear long dresses and hats. She's been celebrating her birthday on stage. And this tradition does not change. Today, Edita sings in the Big concert hall of St. Petersburg. Together with friends, granddaughter Erica and already famous grandson Stas.Source: Edita celebrates two anniversaries at once.

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