The bloody history of childhood Charlize Theron backfired her later years

The bloody history of childhood Charlize Theron backfired her later yearsIn the house where many years ago the mother of Hollywood Actresses, she shot her own father, happened new bloody crime.About the circumstances surrounding the death of the father of Hollywood actress and one of the most beautiful blondes of today Charlize Theron for a long time prefer not to. In numerous interviews she told me that Charles Theron died in a car crash, but then the truth became public knowledge. Her mother Gerda Maritz back in 1990 before the eyes of 15-year-old Woman shot and killed her husband Charles Theron, who has been abused alcohol.Later, speaking of this day, Charlize repeatedly admitted that he admires his mother fights to protect her child. She admitted to journalists that on that fateful night her father came home drunk, took the shotgun off the wall and began to threaten his wife and daughter. A fight ensued, in which Gerda mortally wounded husband. The court found that the woman had not exceeded the limits of necessary defense, and the mother of Charlize Theron met. Soon Charlize left South Africa and went on to build a career in the USA, reminds StarHit.However, few could have imagined (and certainly not Charlize) that Hollywood celebrity will literally pursue this bloody train. So, there is information that in her house, where she lived Theron in Benoni, on the outskirts of the South African the South African capital, was brutally killed his master, a certain Barry Newland. It killed a whole gang of criminals.It is reported that Newland traded supported by the car and the robbers came to his house, posing as buyers. To kill, over a man long mocked, and eventually stole home phone, digital camera, an IPod and several gold chains. The killers have not yet found.Meanwhile personal life Charlize Theron, they say, is getting better. The actress was thought to have an affair with a famous comic actor Eric Storstroem. Artists introduced earlier this year in Los Angeles mutual friends. They say now they are not just friends, but lovers. To make any predictions so far, but the common friends of the couple hope that relationship will grow into a real "full-blooded" novel. Fans of Charlize are in outright terrified of her choice. The fact that Eric outwardly far from ideal: short, plump, and perfectly ordinary. The actors themselves do not comment on their relationship. Source: the Bloody history of childhood Charlize Theron backfired her later years.

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