In the leaked photo of Brooke shields with marijuana

In the leaked photo of Brooke shields with marijuanaMany stars don't want to some are not the most pleasant episodes of their life became public knowledge.Even if these events occurred many years ago. So, actress Brooke shields went into a rage, when Twitter appeared an old photo in which she smokes marijuana, reports the Huffington Post.Without any reason the Twitter user Dave hill from new York posted on his microblog a photo of Brooke shields about 25 years ago, where she smokes marijuana in the company of Washington singer of the punk band Bad Brains named H. R. Where a resident of Brooklyn this photo, which had previously, it seems, were not included in the Network is unknown.This is not the only incident with marijuana, which have recently been implicated celebrities. So, the controversial singer Lady Gaga during a concert in Amsterdam came on the scene, Smoking "weed". For this Chapter the new York district of Staten island James Molinaro called the singer a "slut". In addition to Gaga to scandalise managed the singer Fiona Apple was arrested in Texas on suspicion of drug possession.The Huffington Post journalists managed to contact representatives of Brooke shields, who said that the provocative photos she captured, and like an actress girl. Among the Internet community, however, a different view on this issue. Source: leaked photograph of Brooke shields with marijuana.

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