Glyuk'oza scared the fans with your photo

Glyuk'oza scared the fans with your photoA famous singer Gluk'oza has laid out in his microblog photo of your own, which caused an unprecedented stir. The picture shows the singer appeared in an entirely unfamiliar way.Pop singer Gluk'oza, aka Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, often puts in his microblog different photos, delighting many fans pictures of their private life. However, one of the last photo literally shocked fans. It Natalia appeared in the form of maniac from the acclaimed movie "Friday the 13th".For photos of the singer taken in full-face lying on the pillow, with her hair, and her face "decorating" scary mask with slits for the mouth and eyes. Under cuts are seen white napkins. The unprepared viewer picture can be shocking. Apparently, to appease many fans, Chistyakova-Ionova signed photo: "Oh how good))) Microcurrents help to restore the skin after makeup!!) current don't laugh!!!" The photo provoked a strong reaction from fans of the singer, who immediately began to speculate why you need this mask and what it's like.By the way, in the same microblog Natalya posted the pictures from the birthday of his eldest daughter Lida. For this event, Natasha and her husband Alexander made a real children's party in the Botanical garden. "This is the first anniversary of our daughter Lydia, she was five years old. Why did you decide to mention it was in Miami? Here we feel at home. Here rest all our friends," - said in an interview Chistyakova-Ionova.Natalie said: "We gave my daughter a celebration in the Botanical garden of Miami. There are guest artists played for Lida's favorite fairy tale "the adventures of Pinocchio". My husband also tried on fabulous costumes. Like playxd!" The actress said that initially tried blue hair Malvina, and then with her husband Alexander wearing a long Pinocchio noses. She not only posted funny photos in images from a fairy tale, but said: "My daughter is five years old!! I don't even believe!" Source: Gluk'oza scared the fans with your photo.

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