Matthew McConaughey terribly skinny

Matthew McConaughey terribly skinny Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey shocked the public with his unhealthy thinness.42-year-old actor recently photographed at the exit of the Church in Texas. In skinny gray-haired man who was leaning on her mother's hand, is difficult to see the Hollywood star, who has topped the rankings of the sexiest men on the planet.At such extreme weight loss Matthew decided for the role in the film "Dallas buyers club" in which he plays a man infected with HIV. According to the actor, creepy reincarnation is just a part of his work:"During filming, I just don't have the right to look healthy," he says, " It is not only physical, but emotional cleansing. I drink a lot of tea... It helps me to deceive your own body and to delay the moment of terrible hunger, when the body understands that it must feed themselves on their own stock, without any external support".Recall that the actor's wife Camila currently pregnant with my third child. Source: Matthew McConaughey terribly skinny.

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