The star of `Home-2` Eugene married Feofilaktova

The star of `Home-2` Eugene married FeofilaktovaOne of the most prominent member of the controversial TV project "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova accepted the offer of a hand and heart of her lover Anton Gusev. The wedding will take place on June 15, exactly three months after their first date.Anton Gusev came up to offer hands and hearts with imagination. To surprise his beloved, whose capricious nature known to all participants of the TV show, Anton flew on a yellow helicopter, was on the red carpet and gave Eugene a ring with 19 diamonds, reports the magazine "Antenna". However, this news has caused quite a mixed reaction from other participants "Houses-2". Evil tongues say that Jack is at that age when it is not chosen. Past relationships Feofilaktovoy with Alexander Zadoinov, which lasted more than one year, to the Registrar was not finalized.The bride is so happy and doesn't pay any attention to tropicalista. In his blog on the official page of "House-2" Eugene Feofilaktova said: "I never for a moment without hesitation said YES!!! Any woman always knows, what a man is beside her, ready to go through life with her. Being next to Anton, I knew that he was just such a man. He is the one person with whom I want to spend my life, I want to see every day, who want to fall asleep and Wake up".The girl explained: "Many will say that it all happened too fast. I answer: to understand what is around you Your man, it is not necessary to live with it for many years. Sometimes people just meet on the street, get acquainted, and a month later they get married. And this is not surprising! No what happened I have with Anton!".

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