David Beckham was accused of treason

David Beckham was accused of treasonFamous footballer and British social lion David Beckham was accused of treason. He was thought to have an affair with Opera singer Katherine Jenkins. Wife Victoria Beckham is very worried because of the publicity, which instantly got up in the media. The very same David denies his relationship with the singer.In foreign mass media the information appeared that literally blew up the public and, in particular, the minds of many fans of the Beckham couple. It is reported that footballer David Beckham cheated on his wife and mother of his four children with Victoria Opera singer Katherine Jenkins. However, when it happened treason and under what circumstances, is not reported.Herself Jenkins categorically denied the information about an affair with David Beckham. "The rumours are true that does not make them less painful" - quoted Opera singer "Express newspaper". However, when the brouhaha broke out even more, she again said, "I read again terrible rumors and I want to state that I have not had an affair with David Beckham. These rumors are painful and deceitful, and lawyers advise me to act. I have only twice met with David: once at the Military awards in 2010 and the second in the West end in February 2012. Then we were together with friends, which is fine for an evening out. To be clear: we never went as far as writing, and not schedule meetings".Note that such rumors are upset by husband David Victoria. Even though the player himself also denies any relationship with Catherine, Mrs Beckham is painfully aware of this scandal. "David is furious, especially because one of their children, when such rumors can reach him. Victoria is desperate," said close family friend. To stop the flow of information, the couple even more often began to appear together and not give comments.Meanwhile it is reported that the source of the rumors about the change of the Beckham herself was Katherine Jenkins. Supposedly it was after public denials about her alleged connection with David and felt a wave of rumors about the notorious treason. Note that celebrities have reacted to this information. So, the singer Lily Allen mocked Katherine and said that between her and her husband Beyonce Jay-Z not having an affair. While many fans of Beckham literally attacked Jenkins email with threats and demands to cease to be promoted at the expense of David and Victoria. Source: David Beckham was accused of treason.

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