Valeria wished Sobchak of self-immolation

Valeria wished Sobchak of self-immolationAfter "wishes" of the infamous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak suicide two popular performers Elena Vaenga and Valeria, the latter wrote an open letter to famous blonde, in which "wished" Sobchak of self-immolation.Not had time to abate the noise surrounding the controversial correspondence on the Internet Ksenia Sobchak and Elena Vaenga as "star wars" joined the singer Valeria. Now the Internet discusses how exchanged "pleasantries" two bright blonde Russian show business.The conflict of the early TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. It is unknown whether she wanted to hurt Valery or it was the usual corporate "hairpin from Sobchak". Started with the fact that Xenia in his microblog discussed the controversial Madonna concert, on which foreign star publicly demanded the release of Pussy Riot and even wrote the name of their group on his back.Sobchak retweeted Joseph Prigozhin, who, apparently, along with Xenia, also commented on the Madonna concert. However, he did it in a much more vivid and rich colors. "As it is sometimes in concert singing live, it would have been better under the plywood sang the entire concert. Sings so out of tune, said Prigogine. - The dough was removed and a political question decided". Sobchak sarcastically commented on the record Prigogine, calling Valery "the Russian Madonna". Also Xenia wrote, referring to the concert of stars: "the Main thing that after THIS Vaenga and Valeria had not committed suicide.. ironically now Puxi is the only group with the international name", referring to attempts Valerie and Prigogine entering the world of show business along with Jennifer Lopez and beyoncГ©.And here has not sustained Valeria. In his "Live journal," the singer wrote an open letter to Ksenia Sobchak, which we give in full."Dear Ksenia Anatolyevna, wanted to write a "dear", but the hand was raised. But judging by the latest reports, the epithet "honey" fits You much better.I write to You, as it was exceedingly surprised with a Twitter post in which You for some reason deign to mention me and Elena Vaenga. I hasten to reassure You that Your alarm for my moral stability and possible suicidal tendency in vain and are without the slightest Foundation. I held the man, I have a wonderful family, adults, children, lovely work - I've got something long and happy life.Don't worry, the lack of world fame does not undermine my peace of mind. I feel quite comfortable in his native country, where I am, thank God, I love and appreciate my fans. I have repeatedly offered to participate in the scandalous stories that would give me world fame. Fortunately, my parents raised me in such a way that these options I had not even considered. To climb to the scandal, a great mind is not necessary - in this case it has done more harm. Inexperienced dorks are much easier to manage, sending them to play for his unique idea in a completely inappropriate place. Even visually it is nothing like the dance of the puppets.The fame acquired by trample their homeland is not for me. The people's love, Kseniya Anatolyevna, I earned tireless work, not looking at the obstacles and monstrous conditions in which I sometimes had to exist. Its popularity I have suffered.More surprising to me to see You "majors", which whether out of greed, or boredom frantic start to fight with windmills. It is easy to scream about injustice when you're well fed, shod and clothed. And what do You actually know about the people, for the welfare which You almost beat his breast at the Swamp and other "gatherings" so-called opposition? You, who have always lived in prosperity and never knew what poverty or hunger. What did You know, in addition to warmth, comfort and prosperity? Unlikely You've seen how people live in the village of Upper SHIPKA (or many similar), because there are not satisfied with corporate events. Out of a desire to advertise ourselves and to have something to catch the passing train fame, once went with sebaceous and giving "tainted" station "Dom-2", You are now furiously gnawing at the hand that You once nursed and provided You with a decent living.I am a person with established civil position and is confident that in Russia there is no person who would have coped with the presidential duties better than Vladimir Putin. And wrong are those who believe that I have bought or persuaded. If I had the power relationship is so close, as some of it mine, I would have showered many honors, but I'm from the authorities have nothing.MS Sobchak, the shift in policy is not a sign of maturity. Their beliefs need to live, not just in them to play. To be Joan of Arc, and need a person to possess bigger and fortitude sufficient to go to the stake for their beliefs. If You really are applying for this role, then, in such a scenario, You fit would be to attend to it with your prospects, not our with Lena psychological resistance.....".

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