In the United States died a fiction writer ray Bradbury

In the United States died a fiction writer ray BradburyIn the US in 92-m to year of life has died the world famous science fiction writer ray Bradbury, the Agency reports AP with a reference to the statement by his daughter and grandson. The writer died in the night of Wednesday (Tuesday evening local time) in Los Angeles.The statement of his grandson Danny Karapetian says that now he hoped to hear words of sympathy from all people who was influenced by the works of Bradbury, which continues to live in literature, theater, movies, but more importantly, it remains in the hearts and minds of all those who are familiar with his works," ITAR-TASS reported. "To read him is to know him. He was the biggest kid I ever knew," said Karapetyan.Bradbury became world famous after the publication of the novel "451 degrees Fahrenheit". It is called one of the best science fiction writers and the founder of many of the traditions of the genre.Classic world of fiction said: "to live to be 90 years old, you need to fully love life". "I loved and love every day of my life. I remember when I was born, and even remember being in the womb. Want you looked back into your past. Maybe you can become as great lovers of life, like me. The meaning of life - in love. This is my gift to you", - stated in the text of an order placed on the web-portal of the University of California in Los Angeles to the 90th anniversary of the writer.And in 90 years, ray Bradbury still started the day with, sat down to write, putting the other things for later. The writer was sure that every new story prolongs his life.His last novel came out in 2006, almost annually published collections of new stories. Another passion Bradbury - architecture: together with developer Jon Zherde he built in San Diego, California, city Mall, which has become the most popular shopping destination in the city.The works of Bradbury, who achieved excellence in the genres of short story and novel, translated into many languages. In his works, the writer preferred the study of the psychological state of the characters, the intricacies of life situations, not action.Glory brought him "the Martian Chronicles", "Fahrenheit 451", "dandelion Wine". Some works of Bradbury filmed. Over a lifetime he wrote more than 400 short stories and 13 major works.The merits of the writer noted a national medal of the arts in the USA and a personalized star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He was the recipient of several awards in the field of fiction (nebula - 1988, Hugo - 1954), as well as many common-literary awards. In recent years the writer lived in Los Angeles.Ray Bradbury is a great writer, not enrolled in CollegeRay Bradbury was born August 22, 1920 in the town of WAUKEGAN, Illinois. Full name Raymond Douglas Bradbury (middle name in honor of the famous actor Douglas Fairbanks). Father is a descendant of Englishmen, the first settlers. Mother is a Swede by birth.In 1934, the Bradbury family moved to Los Angeles. The childhood and youth of the writer passed during the great depression, funds for University education he never had. However, the lack of further education is not much prevented it, which is explained in the article Bradbury "How is the College I graduated from library, or the Thoughts of a teenager that went to the moon in 1932"."Libraries raised me. I don't believe colleges and universities, and believe in the library... I was educated in the library, not in College," said the great writer.Bradbury has realized that he wanted to be a writer at the age of twelve and consistently followed this decision, never thinking about another profession. In his early works he imitated the style of the Victorian prose of Edgar Allan PoE, while Henry Kuttner, whom he was showing his texts, not advised him to reconsider the priorities in the work.Being young, he was selling Newspapers, then lived for several years at the expense of his wife. The Bradbury stories were published in cheap magazines, print a lot of fantastic prose, and often not very high quality. The first successful American writer was a collection of short stories the Martian Chronicles. When ray was bringing this collection to new York to litigant don Congdon, he didn't have enough money for the train and had to ride the bus. In the second trip to new York he has already been overtaken by the fans of his work: during a stop in Chicago, they wanted to get the autograph in the first edition of "the Martian Chronicles".During the 1950's at Bradbury left several works, the successful and among modern readers, in particular, the novel "451 degrees Fahrenheit" and the novel "dandelion Wine".The stories also represent the largest volume of Bradbury creativity. They concluded, perhaps, all that Bradbury love, appreciate and recognize outstanding literature. Without diminishing the importance of large, "serious" works, and novels, it is recognized that in this form of literary work the writer reached the top of the skill.In his own words of the writer, for the life he wrote more than 400 stories. Some of them served as the basis for larger works. Some can be combined into loops on the subject and the characters wandering from one story to another.Many of the works of Bradbury filmed. So, in 1966, a film was made by "451 degrees Fahrenheit". Directed by Frenchman Francois Truffaut. The filmmakers also appealed to the stories of the writer. In the American TV mini-series left as well, based on the Bradbury story.Life ray Bradbury never parted with one woman - Margaret. Their marriage took place on 27 September 1947. They had four daughters (Bettina, Ramona, Susan, Alexandra). Margaret for several years he worked a lot so that Rey could steadily work on the books. Together they lived a long life. Margaret died 24 November 2003. Source: In the United States died a fiction writer ray Bradbury.

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