The author of `naked` pictures of Kate Middleton spoke about the controversial shooting

The author of `naked` pictures of Kate Middleton spoke about the controversial shooting The author of the scandalous photo with his wife of Britain's Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton journalist Valerie Suo surprised rising sensation.If the author of photos of naked Prince Harry, veselovska the hotel Las Vegas, still hiding from journalists, and of justice, journalist, photograph the Duchess of Cambridge in indecent form, do not think to hide. Moreover, the Frenchwoman Valerie LMS does not consider himself guilty, report "News" with reference to the Daily Mail.As stated by the MSA, it was concerned about rising the hype is justified by the fact that Kate got naked in a public place.According to colleagues of the journalist, she was granted complete freedom of action, so she quietly removed vacationing couple."There were all other people, including ordinary pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the staff of the castle. And she is sure that the Duke knew about this and probably should have been somewhat more circumspect, showing off your body in such a public place," he told colleagues the MSA.The journalist stressed that around the castle (in France, William and Kate were great-uncle William Lord Linley - approx.) there was no protection and she took this not bare the Duchess, and sunbathers Kate.Supports the journalist and the chief editor of the Italian publication Chi, who also published the controversial photo, Alfonso Signorini. According to Signorini even a personal call from the Queen herself could have compelled him to abandon the publication of the images of the wife of Prince William.The publisher believes that in the pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing Topless, "there is nothing terrible or humiliating to human dignity". The editor also stated that the pictures are not offensive, and its publication is a sign of bad taste publishers.As noted by TSN, in a special 26-page room, which was released on September 17, appeared 50 candid photos sunbathing Duchess of Cambridge. Thus the edition notes that only they have a 200 scandalous pictures.Meanwhile, the editor of the Irish newspaper Irish Daily Star was suspended from work in connection with the publication of a book of photographs of partially Nude wife of Britain's Prince William - Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, reports stated by the owners of the publication - British group Northern and Shell and the Irish Independent News and Media, editor Michael O ' Kane suspended during an internal investigation, during which it will be clarified the circumstances of the publication in the Irish Daily Star pictures, which first appeared in the pages of the French magazine Closer. Moreover, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Northern and Shell, Richard Desmond has threatened to close the Irish Daily Star.Himself About"Kane insists that the newspaper was entitled to publish photos of the Duchess as any other celebrity.In turn, the lawyers representing Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate, went to court in France to ban further publication of Nude photos of the wife of Prince, reports the BBC Russian service. In addition, the lawyers of the Royal family intend to seek large monetary compensation from the French magazine Closer, which first printed the photo of the future Queen Topless and also criminal responsibility for the paparazzi Valerie FCS who have photographed them naked during the vacation in Provence..French Prosecutor's office has received all the necessary papers from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Monday, September 17, is confirmed by representatives of St. James's Palace UK.If publishers do not fulfill these conditions, William and Kate intend to impose a fine of 100 000 euros, and an additional amount for transferring photos to other publications, reports LifeNews. Source: Author of "naked" pictures of Kate Middleton spoke about the controversial shooting.

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