Brezhnev tried to seduce a female fan on stage

Brezhnev tried to seduce a female fan on stagePopular singer and one of the sexiest blondes domestic scene Vera Brezhnev literally shocked many fans when suddenly pulled to the stage fan and forced her to touch her Breasts, hair and lips.Apparently, Vera Brezhneva tired of constant doubt of journalists in the naturalness of its forms and decided once and for all put an end to all the idle talk. The singer seems to have arrived at the conclusion that the only shocking can stop a series of rumors about the use of Botox and other foreign substances in your body, and the other day in his speech, the artist went on a radical step.Blonde in a long flowing red dress and with her blonde hair, standing on the stage, suddenly pulled from the audience the fan. "What about me only say no! And that my breast is silicone and hair extensions, and lips with Botox... That's you, girl, come here to me! Let's find out!" - quote singer Life News.Clearly confused fan, I felt a very uncomfortable feeling on stage, but still in the company of his idol, modestly stood still while Vera Brezhnev decided not to bring the situation under control. She grabbed the boy by the arm and put her hand right on his chest with the words: "Here, feel my Breasts. See, I have it natural?" Totally confused fan barely squeezed into the microphone that bust your Faith, natural.However, this "survey" is not over. Inflamed Brezhnev took him down from the chest hand fans, moved her right hand in her hair and asked the same question: "Here is the hair feel... Not extensions?" Fan only shook his head. However, at this point the artist was unable to stop, and "research" continued. The singer pressed her fingers finally chastened girls to his mouth and asked: "Sponge... how was it?" Fan said that all natural. Then satisfied Brezhnev sent the fan back into the hall and continued performance. Watching everything going on the audience, obviously in complete shock from the whole event, sarcoplasma. Source: Brezhnev tried to seduce a female fan on stage.

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