Joseph Prigogine stood up for his wife

Joseph Prigogine stood up for his wifeContinued Internet scandal involving singer Valeria and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. Now he was joined by the producer of the singer and her husband Joseph Prigozhin.On the eve of Sobchak in his "Twitter" suggested that the girls of the infamous punk band Pussy Riot gained international fame, which would be the envy of such pop stars as Elena Vaenga and Valeria. "The main thing that Vaenga and Valeria had not committed suicide. Ironically, now "bitty" - the only group with an international name," Sobchak wrote after in support of Pussy Riot were made by such celebrities as Madonna and Yoko Ono.With Vaenga Ksenia Sobchak's an age-old debate and it is worth noting that the performer chanson to the attacks TV presenter is with humor. "The morning ride of laughter and thank Sobchak for "attention" to my ignorant person," wrote about the singer on his website. And here Valery the statements made by the presenter was treated with the utmost seriousness and published in his LJ message Sobchak. In it Valeria remembered his opponent and participation in opposition rallies, and "scandalous stories" in which the singer is not allowed to participate education.In this skirmish the radio station "Finam FM" spoke Joseph Prigogine. "Madam Sobchak and her companions have completely lost the brakes. They allow themselves to hurt whomever he wants. If this is called democracy, I into a democracy not ready," said the producer."Construct in their words, they are at war with everyone. Okay, they don't like the mode. But we got to do with it, what did we do wrong to these people who can afford not to take into account our opinions? - he continued. - It offers Valerie, mother of three children, to take a rope and commit suicide. Or Vaenga, which recently has to give birth. Yes let her first to successfully marry and at least one child was born, and then tells people what to do and how to live.".

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